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Nativa operates in the frame of the Federal Targeted Program Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry in the Russian Federation in the Period Until 2020 and Beyond. The company is an active participant in the government's import substitution program for public procurement of pharmaceutical products. Nativa has its own research and development facilities with the full scale cycle in place, from pharmaceutical fine chemicals to ready-to-use medications.

The company's production facilities are located in Krasnogorsky district of Moscow region. An agreement has also been reached to cooperate with manufacturing sites in Ufa and Kursk. Our pharmaceutical production complies with the European Union Good Manufacturing Practice (EU GMP).

The company's strategic focus is on the development and launch of pulmonary drugs on the Russian market.

The company's plans for the years to come involve an expanded range of the most popular drugs, including vital and essential medicines not manufactured domestically and not protected by foreign patents in the Russian Federation. The company works closely with pioneering developers of complex process solutions and implements partner programs to share unique international experience and transfer innovative pharmaceutical technology to Russia.

Nativa offers a wide range of high-technology medicinal products for effective, high-quality and affordable treatment. Our products are available in all regions of the Russian Federation.

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> 2.200 м²
Production base

At present, the company's activities are aimed at developing new products and improving existing ones in order to offer the Russian consumer a brand new product at an affordable price, which in terms of its characteristics does not differ from its Western counterparts.

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