April 30,


  • Nativa LLC is founded



  • The first domestically manufactured peptides are introduced into the market:

    • Veprena® (calcitonin), nasal spray
    • Nativa® (desmopressin), tablets
  • A number of drugs included in the Vital and Essential Drugs List are at the final stages of completing their state registration.

  • The company's efforts are strategically aimed at developing pulmonary drugs.


  • The state registration of the first pulmonary drug series is completed:

    • Beclomethasone-aeronativ (beclomethasone), metered-dose aerosol for inhalations
    • Ipraterol®-nativ (ipratropium bromide+fenoterol), metered-dose solution for inhalations
    • Budesonide-nativ (budesonide), solution for inhalations
    • Salbutamol-nativ (salbutamol), solution for inhalations
  • The state registration of the anti-cancer drug Selana® (anastrozole), film-coated tablets, is completed.

  • As of September 2013, nine pharmaceutical substances that are used for in-house production appear in the State Register of Pharmaceutical Products

  • The company receives the international certification on compliance with quality management standards (ISO 9001:2008).


  • A strategic partnership between Nativa and Harro Hofliger, an international leader in the production of industrial equipment.
  • A new manufacturing site is opened in Petrovo-Dalnee, Krasnogorsky District.

  • The following medicines complete state registration:

    • Estrolete® (letrozole), film-coated tablets
    • Bicana® (bicalutamide), film-coated tablets
  • An international audit is successfully completed in order to confirm GMP compliance.


  • A strategic partnership between Nativa and Pharmstandard-Leksredstva.
  • The company's staff consists of over 350 highly qualified specialists.