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We offer Partnership
  • Wide range of products for distribution
  • Technology transfer of advanced processes and know-how
  • Joint development innovation platforms
  • Business alliances for acquiring new technological competencies
  • Out-licensing for emerging markets

We seek to establish a long-term relationship based on the business model of exclusive marketing rights as well as for co-marketing or strategic alliances for co-development of products, including clinical trials for necessary regulatory approvals.

We are also ready to localize in-licensed products on our manufacturing site to provide full-cycle production for selected range of drugs to gain additional priority as a local producer.


We possess profound competencies and experience to develop complex generic products with high technological entry barrier.

Our organic synthesis team develops highly complex products like peptides, anticancer drugs and monoclonal antibodies through non- infringing routes.

We seek out-licensing opportunities for our specialty generics, biosimilars for emerging markets.