Nativa Limited Liability Company develops, manufactures, and offers Russian patients efficient, high-quality, and safe medicinal products based on a comprehensive scientific and marketing approach. We pursue the strategic goal of reducing the dependence of the Russian pharmaceutical market on imported drugs.
Our mission is to improve the health and quality of life of those who need medication. By employing a highly qualified team of experts and using innovative pharmaceutical solutions, we ensure the highest product quality.
Our key objective is to market competitive drug products that fully meet customer requirements and to manufacture our products in strict compliance with applicable regulations.
Our key asset is the company's employees who efficiently perform all their duties, achieve their goals, and enhance their professional qualifications on an ongoing basis. They are confident that their well-being is stable today and will be even better tomorrow.
Our quality policy is focused on improved competitiveness and product quality, lower costs, customer satisfaction, more stable economic performance, higher job satisfaction, and introduction of advanced production standards.
Nativa Limited Liability Company has established the following objectives to achieve its quality goals:
1. To develop and put in place an integrated management system for the pharmaceutical company based on a process approach; to standardize the existing processes (to develop and update corporate standards, guidelines, and instructions regarding the company's key activities).
2. To improve employees' performance and effectiveness by way of human resources management, systematic training, and introduction of an incentive program for the company's employees.
3. To gain a competitive advantage for our products through regular monitoring and realization of market opportunities, a wider product range, and participation in public procurement.
4. To enhance quality and efficiency of our production technology through better quality (equipment modernization, selection of packaging materials supplier), process validation, and self-inspections.
5. To deliver raw materials, supplies, semi-finished products, and components of the required quality for the production process at competitive purchase prices.
6. To ensure quality control at all production stages (100% quality control for active pharmaceutical ingredients, semi-finished products, and finished products).
7. To increase sales of our products both in Russia and the CIS.
Our quality objectives will be attained through:
1. An improved quality management system at all production stages in line with GOST R ISO 9001-2011 Quality Management Systems. Requirements and GOST R 52249-2009 Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicinal Products.
2. Decisions taken in line with the Quality Policy and quality goals.
3. The internal environment provided and maintained to encourage employees to pursue corporate objectives.
4. Necessary resources allocated for the objectives, including human and financial resources.
5. Clear distribution of authorities and extended responsibility of the employees at all production stages.


A. A. Malin